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●January 17(Sat.)through 24(Sat.)Hitoshi Kato pottery exhibition
●February 7(Sat.)through 14(Sat.)A gesture, a clue of impression -Noriko Kimura illustration exhibition
●February 21(Sat.)through 28(Sat.)Kaoru Mochizuki ceramic exhibition
●March 7(Sat.)through 14(Sat.)Chihiro Sakai ceramic exhibition
●March 28(Sat.)through April 4(Sat.)Tsutomu Ueda sculpture exhibition -a space shred with the favorite animals

●April 18(Sat.)through 25(Sat.)Kozo Takeuchi and Natsuki Funayama joint exhibition -in resonance
●May 9(Sat.)through 16(Sat.)Misaki Urushiyama glass work exhibition -things which I don't want to forget
●May 30(Sat.)through June 6(Sat.)Yasuko Onoda pottery exhibition -blue and white ware

●June 13(Sat.)through 20(Sat.)Yoshihiro Nishiyama glass work exhibition
●July 4(Sat.)through 11(Sat.)Hiroko Kono sculpture exhibition
●July 25(Sat.)through August 1(Sat.)Yoshiaki Kojiro glass work exhibition
●September 5(Sat.)through 12(Sat.)Aki Takemoto glass work exhibition
●September 26(Sat.)through October 3(Sat.)Manabu Seino pottery exhibition
●October 17(Sat.)through October 24(Sat.)Hidenori Sonobe woodwork exhibition
●November 7(Sat.)through November 14(Sat.)Koki Ohara pottery exhibition
●November 28(Sat.)through December 5(Sat.)Iccho Matsuo glass work exhibition -container of light

●December 12(Sat.)through December 19(Sat.)Miho Nishikawa metal work exhibition -small gifts

●January 16(Sat.)through 23(Sat.)Seiji Dan-ura pottery exhibition
●February 6(Sat.)through 13(Sat.)Hitoshi Kato pottery exhibition
●February 20(Sat.)through 27(Sat.)Erina Inoue glass work exhibition

●March 6(Sat.)through 13(Sat.)Miho Nashimoto pottery exhibition
●March 27(Sat.)through April 3(Sat.)Miki Tago and Yoko Akino glass work exhibition
-white and coloured
●April 17(Sat.)through April 24(Sat.)Yumi Nagata solo exhibition

●May 8(Sat.)through May 15(Sat.)Etsuko Kato pottery exhibition
●May 29(Sat.)through June 5(Sat.)Miho Yamada hippo exhibition
●June 19(Sat.)through June 26(Sat.)Tomoko Takahashi pottery exhibition
●July 3(Sat.)through July 10(Sat.)Kanami Ogata glass work exhibition -in vitro, light's particle-
●July 24(Sat.)through July 31(Sat.)Kahori Koizumi and Naoko Shimoyama joint pottery exhibition
●September 4(Sat.)through September 11(Sat.)Chihiro Sakai pottery exhibition
●September 25(Sat.)through October 2(Sat.)Kayo Suzuki solo exhibition
●October 9(Sat.)through October 16(Sat.)Naoki Sakai metal work exhibition
●October 23(Sat.)through October 30(Sat.)Natsuki Funayama wood work exhibition
●November 6(Sat.)through November 13(Sat.)Kazuyo Imai solo exhibition
●November 27(Sat.)through December 4(Sat.)Yasuko Onoda pottery exhibition
-blue and white ware-
●December 11(Sat.)through December 18(Sat.)Misaki Urushiyama glass work exhibition
●January 15(Sat.)through 22(Sat.)Yui Matsumoto "urusi" work exhibition
●February 5(Sat.)through 12(Sat.)Hideki Yamashita pottery exhibition
●February 19(Sat.)through 26(Sat.)Susumu Hosokawa solo exhibition
●March 19(Sat.)through 26(Sat.)Hiroyuki Inaba and Eri Kawaguchi joint exhibition
●March 26(Sat.)through April 2(Sat.)Miho Nishikawa metal work exhibition

●April 16(Sat.)through 23(Sat.)Aki Takemoto glass work exhibition

●April 26(Tue.)through 30(Sat.)Hiroyuki Inaba and Eri Kawaguchi pottery exhibition(Part 2)
●May 6(Fri.)through 15(Sun.)galleria ACCa 5th anniversary exhibition -form to pour-
●May 21(Sat.)through 28(Sat.)Sijun Nam metal-casting exhibition

●June 4(Sat.)through 11(Sat.)Akiko Iwase glass work exhibition

●June 18(Sat.)through 25(Sat.)Yuriko Ogawa pottery exhibition

●July 9(Sat.)through 16(Sat.)Noriko Kimura solo exhibition

●July 23(Sat.)through 30(Sat.)Hitoshi Kato pottery exhibition

●September 10(Sat.)through 17(Sat.)Michiko Yogi pottery exhibition

●September 24(Sat.)through October 1(Sat.)Ryoko Oota glass work exhibition

●October 8(Sat.)through October 15(Sat.)Yuko Naito solo exhibition
●October 22(Sat.)through October 29(Sat.)Miho Nashimoto pottery exhibition

●November 12(Sat.)through November 19(Sat.)Group exhibition by viisiviisi

●November 26(Sat.)through December 3(Sat.)Kumi Obata copperplate print exhibition

●December 10(Sat.)through December 17(Sat.)Kanami Ogata glasss work exhibition
●January 14(Sat.)through 21(Sat.)Koki Ohara pottery exhibition
●February 4(Sat.)through 11(Sat.)Chinatsu Nomura woodblock printing exhibition -Je suis la`-
●February 18(Sat.)through 25(Sat.)Miwa Yamasaki pottery exhibition
●March 10(Sat.)through 17(Sat.)Ai Sano wood work exhibition
●March 24(Sat.)through 31(Sat.)Miki Tago glass work exhibition -full color-
●April 14(Sat.)through 21(Sat.)Toshihiro Sue pottery exhibition
●May 5(Sat.)through 12(Sat.)Yasuko Onoda pottery exhibition
●May 19(Sat.)through 26(Sat.)Iccho Matsuo glass work exhibition
●June 2(Sat.)through 9(Sat.)Hitoshi Kato pottery exhibition
●June 16(Sat.)through 23(Sat.)Yoko Akino glass work exhibition
●July 14(Sat.)through 21(Sat.)2012 Accessory -Summer collection
●September 8(Sat.)through 15(Sat.)Misaki Urushiyama glass work exhibition
●September 22(Sat.)through 29(Sat.)Haruhiko Iwasaki pottery exhibition
●October 13(Sat.)through 20(Sat.)Harumi Kimura illustration exhibition
●October 27(Sat.)through November 3(Sat.)Yoko Shoji textile exhibition
●November 10(Sat.)through 17(Sat.)Hideki Yamashita pottery exhibition
●November 24(Sat.)through December 1(Sat.)Eiko Uchikoba copperplate print exhibition
●December 15(Sat.)through 22(Sat.)Aki Takemoto glass work exhibition
●January 19(Sat.)through 26(Sat.)Susumu Hosokawa solo exhibition
●February 2(Sat.)through 9(Sat.)Miho Yamada solo exhibition
●February 16(Sat.)through 23(Sat.)Manabu Seino pottery exhibition
●March 9(Sat.)through 16(Sat.)Ryoko Oota glass work exhibition
●March 23(Sat.)through 30(Sat.)Hitoshi Kato pottery exhibition
●April 13(Sat.)through 20(Sat.)Yoshitaka Sato wooden sculpture exhibition
●May 4(Sat.)through 11(Sat.)Kanami Ogata glass work exhibition
●May 18(Sat.)through 25(Sat.)Yuriko Ogawa pottery exhibition
●June 8(Sat.)through 15(Sat.)Sijun Nam metal-casting exhibition

●June 22(Sat.)through 29(Sat.)Eriko Ide glass work exhibition

●July 6(Sat.)through 13(Sat.)Kahori Koizumi pottery exhibition
●September 7(Sat.)through 14(Sat.)Miho Nashimoto pottery exhibition
●September 21(Sat.)through 28(Sat.)Chinatsu Nomura woodblock printing exhibition
●October 12(Sat.)through 19(Sat.)Natsuki Funayama wood work exhibition

●October 26(Sat.)through November 2(Sat.)Yasuko Onoda pottery exhibition

●November 9(Sat.)through 16(Sat.)Yuko Naito solo exhibition

●November 23(Sat.)through 30(Sat.)Hideki Yamashita pottery exhibition
●December 14(Sat.)through 21(Sat.)Miki Tago glass work exhibition
●January 18(Sat.)through 25(Sat.)Yohei Yasuki solo exhibition
●February 1(Sat.)through 8(Sat.)Erina Inoue glass work exhibition
●February 15(Sat.)through 22(Sat.)Ayaka Kobayashi textile jewelry exhibition
●March 8(Sat.)through 15(Sat.)Toshiyasu Nakamura "kiriko" exhibition
●March 22(Sat.)through 29(Sat.)Marie Sugihara pottery exhibition
●April 12(Sat.)through 19(Sat.)Chiro Sakai pottery exhibition
●May 10(Sat.)through 17(Sat.)Yuki Nishiyama glass work exhibition

●May 24(Sat.)through 31(Sat.)Kazuhiko Mori pottery exhibition
●June 7(Sat.)through 14(Sat.)Harumi Kimura illustration exhibition
●June 21(Sat.)through 28(Sat.)Yukari Obuchi pottery exhibition
●July 5(Sat.)through 12(Sat.)Yumiko Shimoya pottery exhibition
●July 19(Sat.)through 26(Sat.)Yasuko Onoda pottery exhibition

●September 6(Sat.)through 13(Sat.)For full-moon-viewing party exhibition

●September 20(Sat.)through 27(Sat.)Kumi Obata copperplate print exhibition
●October 4(Sat.)through 11(Sat.)Shinji Hidaka pottery exhibition
●October 25(Sat.)through November 1(Sat.)Ayumi Sato and Yuki Tsuji joint exhibition
●November 8(Sat.)through 15(Sat.)Yoko Shoji textile exhibition
●November 22(Sat.)through 29(Sat.)Hitoshi Kato pottery exhibition
●December 13(Sat.)through 20(Sat.)Hiromi Suzuki woodcut print exhibition
●January 17(Sat.)through 24(Sat.)Koki Ohara pottery exhibition
●February 7(Sat.)through 14(Sat.)Chinatsu Nomura woodblock printing exhibition
●February 21(Sat.)through 28(Sat.)Toshiyasu Nakamura "kiriko" exhibition
●March 14(Sat.)through 21(Sat.)Haruhiko Iwasaki ppottery exhibition
●March 28(Sat.)through April 4(Sat.)Eiko Uchikoba copperplate exhibition
●April 11(Sat.)through April 18(Sat.)Kanami Ogata glass work exhibition
●May 9(Sat.)through May 16(Sat.)Yoshitaka Sato wooden sculpture exhibition
●May 23(Sat.)through May 30(Sat.)Nanako Ishida glass work exhibition
●June 6(Sat.)through June 13(Sat.)Yui Matsumoto "urushi" work exhibition
●June 20(Sat.)through June 27(Sat.)Chihiro Sakai porrwey exhibition
●July 11(Sat.)through July 18(Sat.)Yuko Naito solo exhibition
●September 12(Sat.)through September 19(Sat.)Yumiko Shimoya pottery exhibition
●September 26(Sat.)through October 3(Sat.)Miki Tago glass work exhibition
●October 6(Tue.)through October 18(Sun.)Tokyo Univ. of the Arts glass work exhibition
●November 14(Sat.)through 21(Sat.)Yuriko Ogawa pottery exhibition
●November 28(Sat.)through December 5(Sat.)Yohei Yasuki solo exhibition
●December 12(Sat.)through 19(Sat.)Yasuko Onoda pottery exhibition


●January 12(Tue.)through 24(Sun.)Harumi Kimura solo exhibition
●February 9(Tue.)through 21(Sun.)Junko Oku pottery exhibition
●March 15(Tue.)through 27(Sun.)Hitoshi Kato pottery exhibition

●April 9(Sat.)through 23(Sat.) Mutsumi Hirai glass work exhibition
●May 14(Sat.)through 28(Sat.) Miho Nishikawa metal work exhibition

●June 11(Sat.)through 25(Sat.) Atsuko Hayashi ceramic exhibition

●July 2(Sat.)through 16(Sat.) Erika Tada glass work exhibition
●September 3(Sat.)through 17(Sat.) Shin-ichi Sakai and Akane Matsuura
glass work exhibition
●October 1(Sat.)through 15(Sat.)Chiro Sakai pottery exhibition
●November 5(Sat.)through 19(Sat.)Hiromi Suzuki woodcut print exhibition
●December 3(Sat.)through 17(Sat.)Nanako Ishida glass work exhibition